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Exciting News!! (2011-10-7) 


So many exciting things going on!


  1. Allen Cohen's business manager
  2. Cyber ministries
  3. My brain rolled under my feet
  4. Upcoming events

 1.  Michael Ebeling was Allen Cohen's business manager for seven years. Michael was instrumental in helping Allen become one of the most influential spiritual teachers in the world today. As of last week I have become his next author/teacher to bring to the world. Of this I am humbled and astounded.


2.   I am creating a cyber-ministry program called "The Exceptional Life". This will be a church service/seminar that comes to you! Once a week a secret video link will be sent to those who sign up. This video will include a lesson, a meditation reinforcing the lesson and then the "Exceptional Life Challenge". There will be a "living room" site where you will be able to connect with others who have stepped into the "Exceptional Life" for inspiration and motivation. There will also be mid-week "boosters" in the form of short videos, inspirational quotes addressing the latest lesson and phone and Skype conferencing to connect and create miracles.


3.   My brain rolled under my feet! Last week as I gave my last talk at Unity of Beaverton for a while, a brain rolled out from under the chairs to my feet. The significance is enormous. All week I had been looking for my brain. You see, I have this plastic "brain" that I use to illustrate the workings of the mind. But I lost it. I lost my brain! All week I was thinking about my brain and where it might be since I was doing a whole section on it in my lesson. But alas, I never found it. Then, literally, as I was just about to open my mouth and begin describing the power of the mind, a "nerf" toy "brain" rolled right up to me. I simply picked it up and used it to illustrate as if it was planned the whole time. That's the power of the mind! Needless to say, the Universal mind has a plan we don't always understand. As many of you know, Rev. Debbie, because of health issues, resigned just six weeks after our merger. We truly had wonderful plans for the combination of our ministries. We were both very excited. With her absence however, understandably, the leadership of Unity of Beaverton would like to step back and re-group while they look for a new head minister which can take quite a while. I will be a guest speaker there from time to time as I have made many new friends and we wish to stay connected. (That's kind of a no brainer.) The rest of the story about the brain and just where in the world it came from is the subject of a lesson I will be giving soon...


4.  There are many upcoming events from Coexist Celebration, to guest appearances and maybe even a few surprises. Until then, be aware, expect the unexpected. You never know when your brain might just roll under your feet!






Here is a link from Channel 6, KOIN TV, who covered the 9/11/11 event we had in Lake Oswego

with such a great turn out! Thanks to all who were there and who were a part

of the very hot and happening day!!

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