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 The COEXIST Celebration 
Celebrate with Coexist Celebration Portland

The Coexist Celebration is a two-tiered experience:
The Celebration and The Conversation

  1. First, “The Celebration” with the vision of creating an over-arching spiritual movement truly inclusive of all religions. Our Celebrations are held several times a year at 7 to 9 pm at various sacred locations in the Portland area. See our Events Calendar for details on dates, times, and locations.
  2. Then begins “The Conversation.” We encourage everyone, no matter what church they are affiliated with or no church at all, to be a part of  “The Conversation.” To take the idea of “COEXIST” into their “world”; that's what will change “The” World.
The Celebration:

The idea to create an 'EXPLOSION" and an ' IMPLOSION' of light and truth  began long ago. All things in their own time and I believe this is the time! This is the time for real awakening on the planet and it is up to US to get the proverbial ball rolling!

Many of us are familiar with the COEXIST bumper sticker. Perhaps it means different things to different people, but one day while driving behind a car with that bumper sticker, it hit me! Suddenly I saw an event in my 'imagination' that would AWAKEN the planet!

Coexist Consciousness ...what if John Lennon's song, 'Imagine,' really were to come true! "...Imagine all the people, living life in peace..."

In that song, he was asking us to create a new world and he was asking us to use our greatest power as co-creators with God. That song describes nothing short of Heaven on Earth. Isn't that what we all want for our children and grandchildren?

What if we could have a world where war is a thing of the past, both outwardly and inwardly? Now that is something to imagine!

What if all the different religious beliefs could be SHARED with one another instead of having barriers built up between us.

We want to break down the barriers of limited thinking, ideals, belief systems and begin a new movement on this planet of ours! There are many people who would never go to 'church' but are very spiritual and have no where to go. This is a place where everyone can go and join in and share the experience, no matter what you believe in.

The event is held several times a year so that all people who are usually busy on Sunday morning at their own place of worship, can participate. The once a month 'event' is held in a variety of locations adding to the 'COEXIST' experience. We will be meeting in synagogues, mosques, on college campuses, art museums, theatrical stages, and even outdoors in the summer months. It is a family friendly event for people of all ages.

Our 'revival' type event harnesses the 'spiritual' equivalent to hydrodynamics. A wide stream of water has very little power, yet if you take that wide stream and channel it into something the width of a fire hose, it has the power to break down walls! The Coexist Celebration event will take the spiritual depth and energy of four Sundays and channel it into one evening! We are hoping that this event will become a priority for everyone who experiences it, as they see the 'walls' coming down!!

There will be amazing soulful music, ceremony and wisdom taken from all religions. Sometimes we will have Rabbis, Priests, Buddhists, Baptists, Baha`i's, Hindus, or Muslims being a part of the service. Each month we will showcase a different belief system.

The Conversation:

The Conversation will take many forms inspired by the Coexist event. The Conversation will help to go deeper with the spiritual principles given during the event and help us to connect with community and talk about how our life is changing as a result of the experience and to help eachother stay on the path. We encourage everyone, no matter what church you are affiliated with, or if you are not affiliated with any church, to take the idea of the 'COEXIST' experience out into your world and share the idea of 'Coexist' being possible here and now. We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs, and plan to have a regular Newsletter.

Coexist events are given on a love offering basis. Donations greatly appreciated.
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