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A Sacred Communion with Barry's Berries! 9/5/10  


Don't miss the First Sunday of the New Celebration in the Sacred Sanctuary. I believe you are going to love the new format designed to take us 'home' to the Sacred Sanctuary within.

Don't miss the special candle lighting ceremony, music that will take us right to the peaceful center of our being, and a sacred communion with "Barry's Berries."

There is a new kind of abundance and freedom moving into and upon the earth.

I have a strawberry patch and in the Spring there is quite an abundance of strawberries. However, this year, like some kind of "berry magic," my strawberries have just begun a whole new harvest.

My strawberry patch is going "bananas". I have never seen anything like it and I have been picking strawberries throughout the week to bring to you for a very special communion together, opening our consciousness to this new kind of abundance that is available all year around.

This Sunday is one of those lessons that will stay with us all week bringing about a conscious shift in the way we live.


Rev. Barry

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