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Come out of the circle of TIME,
Into the circle of LOVE! 

     - Rumi
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Over the years, we have been involved in many charitable organizations. One of the most impactful,  in so many ways, has been our connection with Operation of Hope.  With them as a partner we most literally transformed, and in some cases, saved the lives of well over a hundred children. 

Many of you may remember a very special boy
named, Blessing. His mouth was blown apart by a
land mine he found in a field left over from a war many years ago.  He thought it was a toy.

Some have asked me lately about him, so, I wanted to let you know how he is doing. 

Heather and I tried to adopt him but this is very difficult, so we "adopted" him from afar. We found a boarding school there in Zimbabwe for him to live in and get an education.  We continue to support him financially and in every way we can. 
Because of his injury, which makes it very hard to speak, combined with a lack of education, the school did not think it would work. He was failing all his classes, struggling to catch up to realize his dream of becoming the first surgeon from within Zimbabwe to acquire the skills necessary to do similar operations that have been done to him in the slow process of rebuilding his face.

Well, Blessing is no average kid. In fact I have never met anyone like him. Despite the odds, he is now at the top if his class. As I said once in a talk, I have no doubt he will realize his dream. I humbly admit I do not think I would be capable of dealing with and overcoming the level of diversity this boy from a village in Africa has and continues to overcome.
The world is Blessed by Blessing.

And so, I wish to thank all of you who have contributed over the years to this most worthy work in the world.

There is a lot more love to spread. Let's keep it going.




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