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A 'Blessed' Update

Many of you may remember a very special boy named, Blessing. ....  

Some have asked me lately about him so, I wanted to let you know how he is doing. Read More ...

 Coexist Events 

The Coexist movement has evolved quite beautifully. Many people are stepping into the vision. Instead of meeting every third Friday, we are working with the different communities, allowing the event to "organically" grow and then announcing the time and place. This will allow for greater collaboration and availability of presenters. We are now working on events with the Hindu community and possibly a very special event with the Salvation Army.

 Affirmation ~

Give! as the morning that flows out of heaven;
Give! as the waves when their channel is riven;
Give! as the free air and sunshine are given;
Lavishly, utterly, joyfully give! 

  - -Anonymous  
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Coexist retreat update (2011-5-20..22) 

We have manifested great presenters for the Coexist Retreat in May and sure hope you are considering attending, if at all possible! It just might help propel you in the direction of your dream or goal!


We have a Buddhist and a Muslim coming to 'Coexist' with us!!

We are so excited!!!


The Muslim is someone who many of you may remember;Harris Zafar. He will join us and share wonderful insights!! It is a true blessing he is available to be with us!


Rev. Kozen Sampson, is the Buddhist from Mt. Adams Zen Buddhist Temple.

Thoung Toa Thich Minh Tinh is his Buddhist title and name.

He is full of energy and vitality that you will find infectious!

It will be a life-affirming experience and a time reflect in the present moment!

We will be making the big announcement this Sunday about this special news!!!


It has been a joy hearing from some of you and I hope you keep it coming!

It is proving to be an enlightening beginning to a New Year!


To experience each day to the fullest, remember to take time to ABSORB it all.

Pay attention to your surroundings, the sights, sounds, don't miss anything!

Let life in! Let life touch you! Feel the feelings, it's important to know how you feel!

Take time at the end of each day to REFLECT.

Bring to mind what you noticed, without judgment. Ponder, think, pray, read, meditate.

Being aware on this level is so rewarding and deepens our quality of life!!


Healthy, Happy Spring to all!

Blessings of Light,

Rev. Dee


Details:  coexist_retreat 

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