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A 'Blessed' Update

Many of you may remember a very special boy named, Blessing. ....  

Some have asked me lately about him so, I wanted to let you know how he is doing. Read More ...

 Coexist Events 

The Coexist movement has evolved quite beautifully. Many people are stepping into the vision. Instead of meeting every third Friday, we are working with the different communities, allowing the event to "organically" grow and then announcing the time and place. This will allow for greater collaboration and availability of presenters. We are now working on events with the Hindu community and possibly a very special event with the Salvation Army.

 Affirmation ~

Give! as the morning that flows out of heaven;
Give! as the waves when their channel is riven;
Give! as the free air and sunshine are given;
Lavishly, utterly, joyfully give! 

  - -Anonymous  
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What's Next For You (2011-6-26) 

Last night at around 11:30, after about twenty minutes of staring at the computer screen, I took a deep breath, while Heather said a Prayer, and finally pushed the almighty "send."


I have actually imagined that moment, seen it and felt it in my heart, every day now for about 6 months. It was a great feeling. Like my soul said, "Yes."
What was attached to the email was my manuscript.
My finished book.


Well, now a whole new "chapter' begins. Designing the cover, illustrations, etc. but now, l am on my way for a 3 week vacation.


Writing a book, getting published, is what was "next" for me. What's next for you? If you could begin anything today, what would it be?
Now imagine what it would feel like in the future, when it is done.

Guess what? You've just begun!


Let's make miracles. Let's give wings to dreams.

We are God's hands. Why would we do anything less.


I hope to see you in a few weeks.

Peace be with you,

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