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Time Updated: What Do The Mayans Have To Do With It? (2011-12-18) 

This Sunday get into the Spirit of Christmas and prepare for the most anticipated New Year of all, beginning at 10:15 am with special music featuring the legendary Holy Molys!
At 10:30, the 'EXPERIENCE' begins.

Be ready to sing, to laugh and yes, to shed a tear or two of JOY.

Over the last couple years I've had more people ask me if I was going to speak about it then any other topic, ever.
My answer was "I don't know." It all seemed too

'Hollywood' to me. I mean one of the most popular movies in history was "2012."

However, through a series of "coincidences" I found myself digging deeply into the subject and what I found, I truly believe, will have your Heart and Soul saying "Hallelujah and Amen."

There is a profound and amazing connection between, and more news worthy than, Charlie Sheen and Braco combined. That's big! Let's explore the possibilities together.

Bring your thinking cap, your willingness, and mostly your heart. Let's create a moment together that will spring- board us into a New Day!(most literally!)


Peace my friends

And hold on...




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