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The Sacred Hall of Mirrors 

Dear Friends,


Well, it was Joyful...AND Triumphant! What a way to start the New Year and get into the "Holy Day" Spirit.

Thank you for bringing your heart and soul to the moment. Remember the Mayans predicted that those living at this time would be entering into "The Sacred Hall of Mirrors." This would be a time when those on Earth would have their consciousness reflected back to them in ways never known before. This reflection would begin to hasten the awakening of humanity.

This prediction, in my opinion, has come true. As an example, I spoke about how smart phones are just one thing that has become a part of this Sacred Hall of Mirrors, reflecting back to us our behavior, showing us, as a society, what is acceptable and what is not acceptable as we move into what they called the "Golden Age of Consciousness." Little did I know, what I was describing during the Celebration was actually happening, to us. Someone had gotten out their smart phone and captured the energy in the room so that it would then be reflected back to us.

Click below to see what happened. And be watching for part two of last Sunday, to be announced in the coming weeks.

Let's keep this transformative energy going. It's what the world needs.





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