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 Affirmation ~

Come out of the circle of TIME,
Into the circle of LOVE! 

     - Rumi
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CoExist Celebration 

I'm very excited about our next Coexist with the Hindu community. We will not be having our Event on the 21st of January at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church.

I am learning, however, that the most difficult thing about "Coexist" is, well, you have to Coexist! Which means working constantly with many different people, of different cultures, traditions, schedules, and availability


Because of this, we are going to continue planning with the Hindu community to create a truly amazing event when all of those who are excited about being a part of it are available. Then we will release the date and location and encourage all of us to get the word out, and plan to be there.


From what I know so far, I think it will be the most exciting and inspiring Coexist yet. 


Until then, remember, life is a Coexist Event.  We have all been brought together here, on this Garden of Eden called Earth, to master the art of Coexisting; in our cities, our homes and hearts. 
And it's in our hands.





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