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2012-03-05 Gregg Braden, Dr. John Gray and....Barry Dennis? In San Fran....  
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Hello my friends.

I wanted to give you a quick update as to my evolving adventures.

Somehow, it would seem by the grace of God, I have been lumped together with some of the most well-known author/teachers in the world. And my book isn't out yet.

I find this nonsensical.

I am profoundly grateful. Not only am I scheduled with the likes of Dr. John Gray and Gregg Braden, but just yesterday I did an event at one of the coolest churches in the land; Seaside in San Diego. Sometimes I forget how, well, unique my delivery is. During the service prior to my workshop, in a moment of spontaneous joy, I had the whole church "whooping" and waving their hands in the air, like they just don't care. I was told they had never quite experienced anything like that before.

And, they loved it!

My book will be out soon and when it is, I plan on having a huge celebration!

Stay tuned.

Until then....
Take risks, have fun, and
Go Be It!



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