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2012-11-04 Stories from the road, lessons for life! A true Celebration Sunday Nov. 4th with workshop to follow 
Greetings Spiritual Family,

As you can probably imagine, this past year has been transformational for me.  "The Road" is a great teacher, and boy have I been taught.   I can hardly begin to tell you, but I will try Sunday, Nov. 4th at 10:30 at Stafford Woods.   A few "road moments" we may dive into include:

1.When I was arrested in Colorado Springs
2.A true moment of ESP (for like... real)
3.While traveling on a train, I sat next to the first man my wife ever saw naked! (you will never believe who, you know him!)
4.When a little plastic monkey magically opened the gates of Paramahansa Yogananda's Center for Self Realization in San Diego
5.A real Monkey ate a boys dessert
6.An old lady chased me in the old city of Istanbul with a little broom

and so much more...

After the Celebration I will be giving the workshop I have shared around the world. It's so strange that I have never given this teaching in my hometown.

I will say this, it is changing peoples lives.  Be ready to see the world very differently.  I recently randomly received a check for $175 in the mail from a woman in St Louis who went to the workshop and calculated that she had experienced, in less then a month, over one thousand and seven hundred dollars worth of additional abundance in her life directly from the workshop experience.  She was tithing back.   

The workshop is called "Live your passion, Love your people, Lift the Planet" and will start at 12:30.  The Spirit runs the workshop so it goes untill we are transformed, changed, new.  This usually takes between 2 and 3 hours (but no one wants it to end!).

We take a close look, like under a magnifying glass, at everything in our lives that is not serving our Soul's Purpose.   As we see where we have been blind to these things, we let them go.  The process frees us in ways you would never imagine.  We create our "perfect" life.  We discover how and what it means to truly manifest.  Along the way we take steps at creating deeper loving relationships.  You see, it's all connected! Everything is connected!

Warning: This is a "play shop" a "fun shop" and a real "workshop". Let's do some work. Let's challenge ourselves to grow.  To change.  It's not easy seeing where we have been blind but it is liberating.  Profoundly so.

The workshop, including lunch, is thirty dollars.

May you know Peace

Barry Dennis

Directions to Stafford Woods:

Take I-5 to Exit 286-Stafford Rd./N. Wilsonville, heading East off the ramp, take a left at the first signal, which is Parkway Ave. Follow Parkway to the cul-de-sac at the end of the street and Stafford Woods is the large brick building on the right. Call us if you need further info: Barry:  503-709-3201  Becky Lovrien:  503-708-3959


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